Cooking with Scarlett

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the weather whoever you are.  Today’s blog is going to be about how you can amend recipes to suit your dietary needs. I am experiencing a lot of problems with my stomach and my diet, they aren’t sure what it is yet so I am […]

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Let’s talk honestly 

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well, sorry I haven't blogged in a few weeks but I've been having the worst 3 weeks I've had in ages.  Sadly like all chronic conditions you have some of the worst up and downs imaginable, so the past three weeks for me has been a hospital visit […]

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The ugly truth 

Hi everyone,Sorry this blog is late I will explain why down below. I am trying to keep these blogs as upbeat as possible to show that even with all of these conditions you can still enjoy life and the things you love doing.  However this blog is going to show some of the worst symptoms […]

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Date nights and junk food 

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the sunshine this week!  My last blog post got a lot of love and I am so thankful for the support and love that everyone has shown to all of my blog posts. I am currently sat at work typing away on my lunch […]

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Chronic Illness vs Hobbies 

Hi everyone,  I hope you are all doing well. I also apologise that this one is up a little later than usual but I have spent the past few days recovering from concussion.  I’m going to start off with some good news that I read this week, Fibromyalgia is now becoming a step closer to […]

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