Lumps and Bumps

Hey Everyone,

As another 3 weeks of lockdown have passed I hope you’re all doing ok!

I wasn’t planning on saying anything about this anywhere but thought I should share just in case anyone has/is going through the same thing (this is what my blog is all about sharing my experiences just in case I help one person relate or feel better).

So probably about 6 months ago now I discovered I had a small lump in my arm pit, I decided not to think anything of it as it seemed to get worse when I shaved so thought oh maybe it’s just an ingrown hair that I can’t see at the moment etc.

All of a sudden about 6 weeks ago I woke up and my arm was a bit swollen I couldn’t lift it above my head and it was just agony to move it even slightly. My brain finally engaged that maybe this isn’t something I should be ignoring so I called my doctors. Due to the coronavirus I had a phone consultation with my GP and he decided he thought it was just an infected hair follicle so prescribed some antibiotics.

A week later after finishing the full dose of the antibiotics it hadn’t gotten any smaller it was maybe a little less painful so I let my doctor know that nothing had changed. This then put into process an actual doctors appointment to have my boob and arm pit examined.

The doctors appointment was so surreal luckily it was the first time I’ve had to go since the pandemic began (unheard of for me I know). So instead of sitting in the waiting room you have to wait in your car to be called into your appointment, before you can go into the doctors you have to wear a gorgeous mask and gloves! All of the doctors are wearing scrubs (can’t boil wash your normal clothes but you can boil wash scrubs) they also wear gloves a face mask and also a visor, it’s all a bit unsettling in a way!

So I had a lady doctor examine my arm pit and breast, she asked if I had been unusually tired and off my food and we couldn’t decide if I was more tired than usual because I’m going into a flare or if something more sinister may be happening. This is the trouble with chronic illnesses it’s so hard to differentiate new symptoms that aren’t just your “normal”. I’ve also been off my food recently (this can happen if I’m coming into a flare and also when it’s really warm I just don’t want to eat).

Because the doctor couldn’t confirm if it was a cyst or something else It was decided that I would have to go to the breast clinic at the hospital to make sure it wasn’t cancerous.

I’m not going to lie it was a little scary but in my head I just kept thinking it is what it is I can’t change what will happen! So the breast clinic appointment was 17th June, I had both of my arms and boobs examined for any other lumps (luckily no more were found)!

The doctor at the clinic said he was sure it was a cyst but sent me to have an ultrasound anyway just in case and luckily it is just a cyst! They can’t drain it as it is hard (gross I know) but I now have to keep an eye on it as if it gets bigger they may want to cut it out!

I am sharing my story in the hope that it will encourage at least one person not to ignore a lump they find, yes it’s scary to find and I understand not wanting to admit there’s a lump but please get them checked out! The results for me could have been a lot worse and I am so relieved it’s nothing to worry about!

Not everyone gets the same results I did, if you can catch it quick enough it could just mean the difference between results!

If anyone out there is struggling at the moment I’m always here to help, my social media platforms will always be a safe space for anyone that needs a friend!

Signing off for now

Scarlett xx

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  1. BRO I HAD AN ARMPIT CYST TOO! I cant believe they took so long to diagnose it cause all your symptoms were the same as mine and I was like “is this a swollen lymph node?” I went to urgent care and the nurse deadass laughed at me and said “it’s a cyst, we gonna go pop it now” I was like ok my bad 😂😂


    1. Honestly like it’s so far under my skin and because of my other conditions they couldn’t decide if my symptoms were the norm for me or if it was something worse! I’m glad I went through it all just to make sure it was a bizarre experience especially during a global pandemic 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

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