For The Girls

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all okay and enjoying your weekend, only 1 month to go until Christmas…this is truly my favourite time of year! Cosy jumpers and coats, lots of hot drinks and family around you.

I’m sorry I’ve been away for a little while however I’ve been fighting a chest infection for what will now be coming up to 6 weeks and it still shows no signs of leaving me alone!

I ended up in hospital again on Monday, heart rate of 170 and quite frankly the doctors couldn’t have given less of a shit! The first time recently where I have felt let down by the Doctors who are there to look after you and have a duty of care.

I’ve been off of work for 2 weeks now and I am driving myself up the wall being in bed all day, I do understand how it would be quite easy for someone with my problems to stay in bed forever cause trust me it feels incredible to be able to nap during the day for 4 and a half hours nearly every day!

However it is not nice to have constant palpitations to the point they make your body shake, to have rib pain so bad that you can’t even lay your arm on it anymore without it making you feel physically sick! It’s not nice to get up and see stars or to cough and end up falling over and smacking your head against a wall (yeah that happened last week…).

I would however like to thank those that have checked up on me and those who have spoken to me when I’ve felt the lowest I have since last November. I am part of a group called Girlsmouth (it’s about 100,000 girls all in a group and is full of drama but also full of some of the nicest funniest girls) I have been lucky enough to get to know a few of the girls recently after posting about not having many friends.

Thanks to these few girls who have gone out of their way to speak to me when many have left me on my own in the past that this past week has been a lot easier for me because I didn’t feel so alone. I think it could have been a lot darker for me if I hadn’t been able to talk to some lovely girls who have never known me before and were willing to listen to my story and take the time to get to know me.

I would encourage girls to join the page because you can generally find a lot of people on there who will stand by you when you feel at your darkest!

Anyway I’m going to sign off now as I have been feeling rough all day and am just about to start reading the 3rd Harry Potter book and watch last nights I’m a celeb with the boyf!

I’ll insert a pic of how I’ve been sleeping for the past 3 weeks it’s certainly alternative!!

Signing off for now,

Scarlett x

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