Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well and having a fab weekend, I am awake so early for me considering it’s a Sunday! Although I did go to bed at 10 last night as I felt like I was being kicked in the head repeatedly which was fab…

So this week has possibly been the best week of my life so far…as many of you will know I met someone who has been an inspiration to me for a very long time. I kept positive all throughout that day even though I queued for almost 2 hours and ended up somehow dislocating my shoulder without realising and my back was in agony along with my hips but it was 100% worth it.

I have another really busy week this week coming, my friend is fighting today as she does MMA and we are having s celebration dinner tomorrow as she’s been on a really strict diet. Tuesday I’m having my pamper evening and getting my nails done, Wednesday is normal….day at work then evening with Ross. Thursday I am going late night shopping and for dinner with Ashleigh which I am super excited about and then Friday me and Ross are going to watch the fireworks together which was super cute last year. I think my body may hate me by the end of the week but I’ve got to enjoy my life in all the normal ways I can while I can.

Another thing I wanted to talk about which I think is amazing is a hashtag that I read about during the week, the hashtag is #invisiblydisabledlookslike if you look at this on Twitter it is a lot of people posting pictures of themselves or of something that sums up what invisibly disabled lives are like. I am so impressed that this is a thing as it is raising awareness through social media, and lets be honest social media is one of the most powerful things around at the moment.

I have joined in with the hashtag and will also add my blog to the hashtag as well, if I can help spread the awareness then that will be another goal of mine complete. I would like to urge anyone who is disabled due to an invisible illness like mine or just have an invisible illness to join in on Facebook, Instagram and twitter with the invisiblydisabledlookslike tag to help it go further and to raise more awareness. The more people that post about it the more people are going to see it and start acknowledging it and we could do a really good thing in making people feel like they are not alone!

Me and Ross were talking about things to come in the future last night and how far my blog has come so far, so in the future I want my blog to take off properly and I am getting closer and closer to that every time I write a new post and that is all thanks to you lovely people who take the time out of your day to read my blog and share it.

I want to do more videos as well and am hoping to do one tomorrow or during the week to show what an average day in my life is like, I wish I had videoed Wednesday as it was hilarious messing around with my mum and my sister and it had been a long time since we had all gone shopping together so it meant a lot to me.

So the outcome of this blog then, let’s all work together to ensure that our friends and family and even strangers realise they are not alone in their fight with invisible illnesses, you don’t have to suffer in silence be it mental or physical illnesses. If you can help at least one person feel better about everything they go through on a daily basis then it is a job well done.

Anyway I am going to sign off here, I hope you enjoyed it and as always all my social media is down below and feel free to give this a like and a share. Together we are strong!

Signing off

Scarlett x

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