Another Day….Another Ambulance Ride

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their weekends so far. I’m going to be honest I am struggling, I have always vowed to be honest in these blogs and the after impacts of hospital trips are not pretty. I have been sat in my dressing gown in bed for the past 3 days drugged up to my eyeballs on Codeine and now due to the stress of another hospital visit have thrush for the third freaking time…my fanny officially hates me and all the stress my body goes through. TMI for some but you’ll get over it…like I said I want these to be an honest account of my life. I’ll insert a picture of me in my dressing gown below for you all, best £15 I have spent recently!



So as many of you who follow me will know, Ross had to call 111 again for me on Wednesday night and it ended in another 3 paramedics and 2 ambulances at his house…shock horror…my life is so dramatic…ergh.

I ended up being ambulanced back into hospital with a heart rate of between 140 and 170…I also had a suspected chest infection as I have a really weezy cough (legit sound like that little penguin from toy story) everytime I coughed my heart rate would shoot up to around 170 or higher.

So cue me being taken into the resus unit of the hospital again, speedily pushed into resus unit 1, within half an hour I had, had the following done to me: ECG, hooked up to a heart and oxygen monitor, had 9 sets of bloods done, a cannula in my arm, a portable X-Ray, antibiotics and paracetamol and fluids in a drip. I was then moved into a bay next to the front desk so that they could closely monitor me.

It was pretty scary for me, they are still none the wiser as to what is wrong with me so I have to wait until the 5th September when I will hopefully get some answers with cardiology. As a result of this I’ve missed 2 days of work which drives me bonkers and slept through the past 2 days high off my face on codeine.

Anyway that’s been the past few days, I’ve been covered in my own blood, squirted with saline solution and been covered in sticky pads, i’ll insert some pictures below of this visit. I’m going to sign off now as Ross has just come back from the shop with all manner of things to make me feel better.

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Signing off for now,

Scarlett x


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  1. fibro_zebra93 says:

    Oh that sounds so awful. I really hope that they can figure something out to help you ASAP xx


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