Hi everyone,

I hope you're all doing well! And enjoying your Mondays…yes I know they're the worst day of the week for most but power through it will get better.

So I've just been to visit the doctor as I've got this weird wheezy cough thing that has come out of no where! Basically been told I'm wheezy and can't breathe because the tubes in my lungs don't open wide enough.

So I've been handed another prescription for an inhaler…that comes with a warning of "it will make your palpitations worse" WHY DO DOCTORS DO THIS *insert Scarlett's confused face here*

My palpitations are the reason I keep having to go into hospital so why have I now been given something to help my breathing but make my heart worse….I don't want to go back into hospital again it sucks!

I go to the doctors hoping they will help when actually it's let's throw another type of drug at you that will counteract the others and make parts worse! He didn't even care that my heart rate was 145 and my temperature is 38 and above.

I'm beyond fed up with being palmed off with stuff and it just seeming like no doctor cares and just "we'll give you these" "we'll run some more bloods" IM NOT A HUMAN PIN CUSHION OR A HUMAN EXPERIMENT arggggggggghhhh!

I know it will get there one day and hopefully I will have some answers after my appointment in September but I am counting down the days….I'm not going to get my hopes up for the answers however as I usually get "we have no clue you're weird get on with it"

Sorry for another rant it's just helps to get things off my chest…excuse the pun!

Signing off for now

Scarlett x

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