Approach With Caution

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re all well, even if the weather is miserable so far this week. I am having an absolutely awful week so far.

So far this week I am having the biggest flare up ever, my face is swollen and sore and today is the first day I have managed to do my makeup properly. My chest still looks like someone has shoved a balloon under my skin and my heart rate is sitting at 120 even with a higher dose of beta blockers.

I want to talk about my biggest pet peeve in this blog along with some other things. If you are out shopping and you see somebody park in a disabled bay and you don’t think they are disabled purely because they are not in a wheelchair. PLEASE DO NOT go out of you way to walk past their car and stare into their windscreen to look for a blue badge, PLEASE DO NOT tut, shake your head or look at them they are literally like a piece of shit on your shoe.

And to top it all off PLEASE DO NOT start an argument with someone who has a blue badge and tell them they do not deserve to have one as they are “clearly” able bodied. At the end of the day if you do not know that person and you do not know their story you have no right to be rude or abusive towards them. I am fully aware that some days I will look perfectly healthy that does not mean that my heart is functioning properly or that I am not in agony, I am just a very strong willed person and will try my best to not show I am suffering.

I know most of you would never dream of being like towards people however there are people like that in the world and it is a reason that people with a blue badge will then try and stop using it if they feel they do not deserve it just because they are not in a wheelchair, you have to power to make possibly that one thing that makes that person’s life easier into something that they will then look at as a cop out, like they are weak and that is not fair.

I am aware that my blogs sometimes may look like I am looking for sympathy however I do these blogs as an outlet for my thoughts, the content in these posts have come straight from my brain and it helps me loads to be able to empty all this into posts for my page. I am so lucky that I do have a following of people that do look out for my blogs and do enjoy reading them.

The fact that I have people that read these posts and knowing that some of what I say may help people and may make them feel alone also makes me feel like I can relax. I would love it if people wanted to approach me and could feel like they could talk to me about their problems. I have always been the friend that cares for other people’s problems and would much rather worry about others than my own problems.

I would also like to know if people would watch videos if I made them, I would love to start doing like day in the life videos that people can see what I have to deal with from my perspective, I feel like it might help people to understand invisible illnesses a lot more, such as filming tests and things I have to go through at hospital appointments and such.

Let me know what you think about that as I am not sure I have enough courage to do it if I think no one would watch them…let’s be honest I don’t wanna make myself look like a tit!

As always let me know what you think, subscribe for more blogs and more brutally honest ramblings.

Signing off for now,

Scarlett x

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dad says:

    Hi sweetheart, sorry your having a bad week. Are you off work!


    1. Not off work, just powering through 🙂


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