Playing Tourists in London

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well, I would like to start by saying a massive thanks to those who read my new blog and have continued to follow me even when I did have to have a long break.

I have added my facebook and twitter at the bottom of my blog so you can sign up to those and follow for updates and such, this will also allow people to contact me and ask questions which I am super excited about.

Anyway on with the blog, so a few weeks ago myself and Ross had taken a week’s holiday and I decided that I wanted to brave going to London for a day out (I hate London, my anxiety makes me panic every time i’m even in a slightly busy shop let alone somewhere as big as London)

However I wanted to go to the aquarium and also the science museum, I loved the science museum when I was a kid and I had never been to the London aquarium before.I LOVED the aquarium, I got to see some penguins which was amazing, even more so as it was around 30 degrees the day we decided to go. Their enclosure/section was all temperature controlled which was amazing as me and Ross were absolutely melting by this point.

Sadly my heart rate plays up more when I get hot and stressed out, so in hindsight London may not have been a good idea during a week long heatwave here in the U.K.!

Also fun little fact, as you may know I have bright pink and purple hair and part of the aquarium is UV light, i’ll insert a picture below as to what happened to my hair under UV light as it is quite cool…

Anyway further into the day we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, then onto the science museum, we had to use Uber to get to those places as my anxiety was playing up and heart rate was ridiculously high after walking around the aquarium that I couldn’t justify then getting back on the tube.

Turns out the Science Museum is not so fun when you’re 20 and 25, it feels more magical when you’re a child and can run around playing with all of the displays. We then went to New Bond Street which is where Victoria's Secret is. Ross lost me in there as there are 4 floors and each floor has a left wing and a right wing along with middle corridors

Once we had been to Victoria’s Secret we then went to Nike world and then back to Kings Cross Station to get the train home. By the time we got to Kings Cross at around 6 I ended up in tears my body literally could not take any more movement. I had put my heart through far too much and it had hit 155 beats per minute due to me being warm and stressed this was while sat down as well. I physically couldn’t lift my feet off of the ground any more and both of my hips were partially dislocated.

So that was the Tuesday of my week off and I then spent the rest of the week overcome with fatigue, really bad chest pains (so bad I was taking 2 codeine every 4 hours) and then my regular aches and pains that come with overdoing things and my regular life even without excreting myself. Ross was really supportive the whole time getting me drinks and letting me fall asleep on him and constantly checking on me throughout the day.

Ross has to help me a lot more when I have taken Codeine as it makes me sleepy, I can’t support myself when I stand and his bedroom is on the 3rd floor of the house with the bathroom on the 2nd so he has to support me up and down the stairs.

One thing I have learnt from our trip to London is that it is so important to pace yourself when you’re living with varying illnesses like I have, if you don't pace yourself you will end up having a whole week left to recover from 1 day out and it really is not worth it as I then wasted a whole week by sleeping it can then potentially have an impact on your work life as it means more time off sick ( I know this from experience in my old job).

So that was a day out from my perspective, safe to say I don’t think I will be going to London again in a hurry!! Me and Ross are off to Nottingham again in August so I will do a similar blog with how I coped with that and also with the drive up there as I will be driving and my body does not like long car journeys.

I am going to sign off here, I hope you enjoy this blog and a little insight into my life, as I said above I have now linked all new social media pages at the bottom of my blog if you would like to follow me on my journey to educate people on chronic/invisible conditions and illnesses.

Thanks for reading

Scarlett x

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